One of the K.L.N. Group of Institutions

Well Qualified and Experienced teachers

Montessori & Play-way method of teaching

Restricted Class Strength based on CBSE norms


‘Satyameva Jeyate’  - Truth alone Triumphs is the Mantra of our nation which is inscribed in our National Emblem.
“Trust in God and Trust God is Man” we should see god in every man and create a loving and peaceful society.
“If you have a passion for something you’ll create the Talent”
Students are the creator of future generation. Hence they should posses these three virtues to build a better tomorrow.


We aim to promote physical, intellectual moral, social and cultural growth in each student.

We will strive to form well integrated persons who will create a vibrant and positive society.
Our education, ensures

  •   Passion for knowledge
  •   Patriotism
  •   Personality development
  •   Social awareness
  •   Leadership and self-dependence
  •   Discipline and dedication