For a holistic and all round development of the children, the curriculum is based on these domains.

Physical development

  • Physical development is about the mastery of the child over a variety of bodily skills.
  • Gross motor skills refer to whole body and limb movements, balance and coordination.
  • Fine motor skills refer to manipulative skills that need the use of hands, fingers and coordination between eye and hand.

Sensory development

  • Children learn about the world around them by using their five senses. While playing, they see, ­hear, touch, taste, smell and move.

Cognitive development

  • Cognitive development is concerned with how children think, reason and form concepts.
  • Children understand through concrete sensory and motor experiences, from which they form concepts.

Emotional development

  • This refers to a child’s feelings towards objects, persons and situations.
  • Children show a wide array of feelings: like positive and negative, such as fear, anger, jealousy, joy, pleasure, delight, love and curiosity.
  • The children’s sense of identity as a person creates self confidence.

Language development

  • Language allows children both to understand and express thoughts, to communicate needs, show feelings and ultimately to reason.
  • Children learn language through an active process of listening, speaking and interacting with others.

Social  and Personal development

  • Social development refers to learning how to get along and cooperate with others and live together harmoniously in a group.
  • The child gradually learns to behave according to the norms of his/her own group and develops healthy social attitudes and values and good habits and behaviour.
  • Personal development makes the children interact effectively and develop positive attitudes.